Month  :  March 2017

   10/03/2017      District Collector Mass Contact Program at INDUR [Tamil (96 KB)] 
   09/03/2017      District Collector Inspection about Drought [Tamil (96 KB)] 
   09/03/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Distributed Prizes for 10th Students 2016 [Tamil (96 KB)] 
   09/03/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Distributed Cheque for Drought Relief [Tamil (117 KB)] 
   08/03/2017      Government Scheme Examination at Dharmapuri [Tamil (121 KB)] 
   08/03/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Inaugrated Dry Forage Program [Tamil (132 KB)] 
   08/03/2017      10th Exam Centre Inspection [Tamil (188 KB)] 
   07/03/2017      District Collector Inspected +2 Exam Center [Tamil (176 KB)] 
   06/03/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Inaugrated Newly Opening of Anganvadi at Palacode Taluk [Tamil (350 KB)] 
   06/03/2017      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (192 KB)] 
   02/03/2017      District Collector Inspected +2 Exam Center [Tamil (176 KB)] 
   01/03/2017      Animal Husbandry Camp News [Tamil (256 KB)] 

           Month  :  February, 2017

28/02/2017      District Collector Inaugrated Road Safety Program [Tamil (191 KB)] 
28/02/2017      District Collector mass contact program at Pappirettipatti Taluk [Tamil (332 KB)] 
27/02/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Inaugrated Lift Opening Function at Medical [Tamil (308 KB)] 
27/02/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Inaugrated Water Supply Meeting [Tamil (223 KB)] 
26/02/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Inaugrated Photo Exhibition at Karimangalam [Tamil (325 KB)] 
26/02/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Function News and Photos [Tamil (358 KB)] 
25/02/2017      District Collector Inspected Removal Of Simai Karuvelam Tree [Tamil (245 KB)] 
24/02/2017      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (186 KB)] 
24/02/2017      District Collector Inaugrated Agriculture Grivence News at Dharmapuri [Tamil (202 KB)] 
24/02/2017      Sugar MILL News [Tamil (34 KB)] 
23/02/2017      District Collector Inaugrated District Level Bankers Committee Meeting [Tamil (225 KB)] 
23/02/2017      District Collector Inaugrated Meeting about Removal of Simai Karuvelam Tree [Tamil (225 KB)] 
22/02/2017      District Collector Inaugrated Animal Husbandary Meeting [Tamil (225 KB)] 
22/02/2017      District Collector Review Meeting About Drought and Micro Irrigation [Tamil (114 KB)] 
21/02/2017      Career Guidance Programme [Tamil (272 KB)] 
20/02/2017      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (262 KB)] 
19/02/2017      District Collector inspection TNPSC GROUP I Examination Centre [Tamil (201 KB)] 
16/02/2017      District Collector inaugrated +2 Examination Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (204 KB)] 
15/02/2017      Government Schemes Exhibition in Dharmapuri Bus Stand [Tamil (243 KB)] 
14/02/2017      District Collector Mass Contact Programme in Pappireddipatti Taluk [Tamil (19 KB)] 
13/02/2017      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (233 KB)] 
11/02/2017      District Collector Distributed ALBENDAZOLE Tablet to Students [Tamil (139 KB)] 
08/02/2017      District Collector Inaugrated Revenue Meeting [Tamil (173 KB)] 
08/02/2017      District Collector Inaugrated Special Coaching Class To 10th Students [Tamil (204 KB)] 
06/02/2017      District Collector Inaugrated Rubella Vaccine at Avvaiyar Govt School [Tamil (213 KB)] 
06/02/2017      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (190 KB)] 
05/02/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Review Meeting [Tamil (188 KB)] 
04/02/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Inaugrated Bhoomi Pooja for THAR Salai [Tamil (140 KB)] 


     Government Schemes Exhibition in Karimangalam Taluk [Tamil (238 KB)] 


           Month  :  January, 2017   

27/01/2017      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (200 KB)] 
26/01/2017      National Voter's Day Celebrations [Tamil (413 KB)] 
18/01/2017      District Collector Inaugrated Helmet Awareness Rally [Tamil (357 KB)] 
13/01/2017      Amma Thitam Special Camp At Indur [Tamil (313 KB)] 
11/01/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Distributed Free Cycles To Students [Tamil (237 KB)] 
11/01/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Distributed Priceless Saree And Dhoti Scheme [Tamil (249 KB)] 
10/01/2017      District Collector Inaugrated Priceless Saree And Dhoti Scheme [Tamil (120 KB)] 
09/01/2017      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (116 KB)] 
07/01/2017      District Collector Review Meeting - Animal Husbandary Department [Tamil (172 KB)] 
07/01/2017      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister Distributed Free Laptops To Students [Tamil (212 KB)] 
06/01/2017      Amma Thitam Special Camp [Tamil (242 KB)] 
06/01/2017      Sugarcane Crushing Season 2016-2017 [Tamil (365 KB)] 
02/01/2017      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (279 KB)] 


            Month  :  December, 2016

30/12/2016      District Collector Inaugrated Road Safety Meeting [Tamil (94 KB)] 
23/12/2016      Agriculture Grievance Meeting [Tamil (254 KB)] 
22/12/2016      District Collector Inaugrated NABARD Bank Scheme  [Tamil (254 KB)] 
19/12/2016      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (254 KB)] 
18/12/2016      Minority Rights Day [Tamil (209 KB)] 
16/12/2016      Amma Thitam Special Camp [Tamil (142 KB)] 
16/12/2016      Sugarcane Crushing Season 2016-2017 [Tamil (207 KB)] 
16/12/2016      Tamil Development Department Program  [Tamil (214 KB)] 


             Month  :  November, 2016

28/11/2016      GDP Meeting at Collectrate [Tamil (140 KB)] 
26/11/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister distributed various schemes to beneficiaries [Tamil (223 KB)]
21/11/2016      GDP Meeting at Collectrate
20/11/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister distributed various schemes to beneficiaries 
19/11/2016      Inspection On Horticulture Department
18/11/2016      Dengu fever awareness program 
18/11/2016      District Collector inspected +2 teachers training program 
15/11/2016      Bird FLU Awareness Meeting
14/11/2016      GDP Meeting at Collectrate
11/11/2016      Amma Thitam at Nallampalli taluk
10/11/2016      District level officers training for Aadhar seeding in Uzhavar Pathukappu scheme
08/11/2016      Rain water harvesting in all Government Buildings
06/11/2016      TNPSC - Group IV examination inspection
05/11/2016      Dengue Disease awareness meeting
05/11/2016      District Collector inspected TNPSC examination centers
04/11/2016      Amma Thitam at Pappirettipatty taluk
04/11/2016      TNPSC Group IV Service Examination - District level Officers Meeting
03/11/2016      Application Invited For WIREMAN Trade Contract Facility ITI (FULL TIME)
03/11/2016      Chief Minister TROPHY
03/11/2016      School Prize Distribution 
03/11/2016      Bird FLU Disease Awareness Meeting
02/11/2016      Application Invited For Annal AMBEDKAR AWARD in Adi Dravidar Welfare Department
01/11/2016      Admission for SAINIK School AMARAVATHI Nagar

              Month  :  October, 2016    

31/10/2016      GDP Meeting at Collectrate
28/10/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Nallampalli Taluk
27/10/2016      Hon'ble Chennai High Court Justice Mrs. S Vimala inaugurated Pappireddipatti Court
26/10/2016      Disaster Management Meeting
25/10/2016      Application Invited For Thanthai Periyar Award 
24/10/2016      Komari Diseases Awareness Meeting 
24/10/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
24/10/2016      Dengue fever awareness Meeting
22/10/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister inaugurated Anna University Zone (VII) Office
22/10/2016      District Collector inspected NREGA work in Harur Taluk
21/10/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Dharmapuri Taluk
21/10/2016      E-Sevai Training Program
19/10/2016      Disaster Management awareness meeting
17/10/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
13/10/2016      International Disaster Management Day - Rally
12/10/2016      District Collector inspected Eachampati Dam
07/10/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Dharmapuri Taluk
04/10/2016      Thiyagi Subramaniya Siva 133 Birthday

             Month  :  September, 2016    

19/09/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
19/09/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister distributed cheque for road accident beneficiaries 
14/09/2016      Local body election 2016 - Political Party meeting
13/09/2016      Hon'ble Higher education Minister inspected Solar Bump System in Paruvathanahalli Village
12/09/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
11/09/2016      District Collector inspected election summer revision special camp
11/09/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister distributed various schemes to beneficiaries 
09/09/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Palacode Taluk
07/09/2016      District Collector released Local Body Election - 2016 voters' list
06/09/2016      Thiru S Gopalakrishnan IAS commissioner of  Civil Supplies review meeting at Collectorate
04/09/2016      Horticulture Schemes
02/09/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Dharmapuri Taluk
01/09/2016      Dengue fever awareness Meeting

            Month  :  August, 2016     

29/08/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
29/08/2016      Application invited for Warden post 
28/08/2016      Thiru V Subbaiah TNPSC member inspected TNPSC Exam Centre
27/08/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister distributed various schemes to beneficiaries 
26/08/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister review meeting in Municipality
26/08/2016      Agriculture Grievance meeting at Collectorate
26/08/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Dharmapuri Taluk
22/08/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
20/08/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister distributed two wheeler to National Tuberculosis(TB) Project
19/08/2016      District Collector review meeting with Animal Husbandry department
19/08/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Dharmapuri Taluk
17/08/2016      Thiru P Seetharaman IAS(R) State Election commissioner - first level review meeting
12/08/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Dharmapuri, Karimangalam and Harur Taluk
11/08/2016      World Population Day
11/08/2016      District Collector inaugurated medical camp in school
10/08/2016      National Dewarming day
08/08/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
08/08/2016      Application invited for Watchman post in Agriculture department
05/08/2016      Swachh Bharat Project
05/08/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Nallampalli Taluk
05/08/2016      Hon'ble CM inaugurated Government Polytechnic in Kadathur through Video Conference
01/08/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate

             Month  :  July, 2016    

31/07/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister inaugurated Adiperukku function at Hogenakkal
31/07/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister inaugurated food festival function
29/07/2016      Agriculture Grievance meeting at Collectorate
29/07/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Nallampalli Taluk
28/07/2016      District Collector distributed CM sport award
26/07/2016      District Collector inaugurated Animal Husbandry Camp
25/07/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
23/07/2016      Thiyagi Subramania Siva 91st anniversary day
22/07/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Palacode Taluk
22/07/2016      District Collector review meeting with all Banks
20/07/2016      District Collector review meeting - School Education
18/07/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
16/07/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister review meeting 
11/07/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
11/07/2016      World Population Day - Rally
09/07/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister meeting with boatman at hogenakkal
09/07/2016      Civil Supply special Camp at Palacode taluk
05/07/2016      Pensioners GDP meeting at Collectorate
04/07/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate

              Month  :  June, 2016    

29/06/2016      District Collector Mass Contact Programme in Palacode Taluk
28/06/2016      World Drug Day
27/06/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
26/06/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister distributed various schemes to beneficiaries 
24/06/2015      Agriculture Grievance meeting at Collectorate
22/06/2015      Jamabanthi Programme at Pennagaram Taluk
20/06/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
19/06/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister distributed various schemes to beneficiaries 
17/06/2016      Application invited for small industries in Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation LTD.
17/06/2016      Principal Secretary to the Department of economics and statistics V Irai Anbu Review meeting
17/06/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Dharmapuri Taluk
15/06/2015      Jamabanthi Programme at Pennagaram Taluk
13/06/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
10/06/2016      District Collector review meeting - Pudhu Vaazhvu Project
10/06/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Karimangalam Taluk
10/06/2016      Child Labour Pledge
08/06/2016      Application invited for loan in District Industries Centre (DIC)
07/06/2016      Application invited for state youth award
06/06/2016      District Collector inaugurated Child Labour awareness program
06/06/2016      Application invited for free Tailoring Class in Government ITI
06/06/2016      Electric Bill Payment through E-Sevai Maiyam
06/06/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
05/06/2016      Word Environment Day
04/06/2016      District Collector awareness meeting with Health department for South West Monsoon
03/06/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Nallampalli Taluk
03/06/2016      District Collector inspected in Dharmapuri TNCSC godown
03/06/2016      Application invited for Night Watchman duty through Employment Office
02/06/2016      District Collector distributed free books and school bag to students
01/06/2016      Application invited in Department of Employment and Training 
01/06/2016      Application invited for loan in Backward Class Department  
01/06/2016      District Collector review meeting - Disaster Management 

              Month  :  May , 2016    

31/05/2016      District Collector issued government job order to the beneficiary
30/05/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
28/05/2016      Hon'ble Higher Education Minister review meeting
27/05/2016      AMMA Thittam Camp at Karimangalam Block
27/05/2016      Snehasadan NGO - Social child day program 
26/05/2016      Self Job training program for Youth in Indian Bank
23/05/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate

             Month  :  March to May 2016    

                      Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Election - 2016 

               Month  :  February , 2016    

29/02/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
18/02/2016      District Collector inspected Rice Mill
08/02/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
08/02/2016      District Collector inaugurated training program for government officials
05/02/2016      Application receiving tailoring course in  Government I.T.I
05/02/2016      District Collector inspected Elector Voting Machines (EVM)
01/02/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate

              Month  :  January , 2016    

25/01/2016      Voter's Day Programmes
24/01/2016      District Collector inspected TNPSC group II Exam
20/01/2016      District Collector published Electoral Roll - 2016
18/01/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
13/01/2016      District Collector inaugurated Helmet awareness Rally
11/01/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
06/01/2016      District Collector inaugurated Operation Smile II
06/01/2016      Special Camp at Palacode taluk
04/01/2016      GDP meeting at Collectorate
03/01/2016      District Collector inaugurated priceless Saree and Dhoti Scheme
02/01/2016      District Collector inaugurated 61st National level sports competition

                                                                                                                         Important press releases - 2015



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